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Rolling Hills is an "Electronic" Drama short film homegrown from the Fullerton Soil from like-minded filmmakers in the Orange County area interested in the themes represented in this short film. Rolling Hills is a collaborative effort from each member of our Orange County Crew. Just as nobody knew about Philadelphia before Rocky we hope to do the same for Fullerton with Rolling Hills.

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Become a Part of The Movie Poster


Become photoshopped into a our movie poster.

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Watch the Movie!

Receive a private link to watch the final product of the Rolling Hills movie.

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Show off your style

Receive a T-shirt embodying the Rolling Hills Movie.

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Chill out to the EP of Rolling Hills

Receive an EP of our final music score.

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Receive a Special Thank You

Receive a special thank you in our credits and an invite to our wrap party.

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Become an Associate Producer

Receive Associate Producer Credits.

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Become a Producer of the Film

Receive Producer Credits

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Executive Producer Credits

Recieve Executive Producer Credits, along with a private dinner with our crew and eternal gratitude.

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We were Taught to Spend our Money with a Plan

Even with our movie making making skills, making a movie is EXPENSIVE. We've made sure our budget is in order. Below is a breakdown of how your contribution will be used:

Have you ever had a dream stuck in your head? That thing you think of when you're driving home after work? We are so committed and excited to be making this film! We are SO GRATEFUL for your encouragement and support and we cannot wait to show YOU the finished product of Rolling Hills. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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